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Floppy Discs

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When you need to duplicate floppy discs, turn to FloppyDisk.com for all your needs. We provide a full-service floppy disc duplication service for all personal and business needs. We offer you great service, great prices, and we pay special attention to the details that keep you coming back to us.

First of all, we actually answer our phones! When you call, you'll get to talk to a real-live human being who can answer all of your questions and take your order over the phone. No more waiting for an automated recording to recite all of your button-punching options--just talk to one of our polite and knowledgeable staff members.

We have a number of floppy disc duplication options for you, ranging from disc capacity (so you don't waste money on disc space you don't need) to bulk rates. We even offer free shipping on orders of 1000 discs! The more you buy, the more you save. To boot, our average turnaround is about 24 hours, so your discs will be on their way to you before you know it!

We process thousands of floppy discs each day, each to the highest standard of quality. We use dedicated Trace ST duplicator machines with high-quality duplicator grade discs to ensure that your job gets done error-free. To talk to a representative who can help you decide which of our options is right for you, call us today for more information!

Here are the 10 reasons why floppies continue to rule!

1. Writeable and Rewriteable in seconds.

2. Highly compatible with millions of computers.

3. With no hole in the center, they make better coasters.

4. Very inexpensive.

5. Available in lots of colors.

6. Easy to label with custom information.

7. Duplicated in seconds not weeks.

8. Easy to recycle.

9. Content is a manageable size.

10. Great people like us still sell them!


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