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You've found the world's largest supply of floppy disks and drives.  We offer:

3.5 disk 3.5 disk 3.5 disk 3.5 disk
3.5 Inch DS/HD
1.44 MB Format

"High Density"

Best Seller
3.5 Inch DS/DD
720K Format

"Double Density"

 Older.  For
special applications
5.25 Inch DS/HD
1.2 MB Format

"High Density"

Older Flexible
5.25 Inch DS/DD
720K Format

"Double Density"

Older Flexible

Name Brand Retail 10 Pack DS/HD 1.44 MB

Maxell floppy disks
Corporate Express Brand
Made by Imation!
ack of 10

Only $7.95

Buy 10 packs of 10 -- get free shipping.


2015 Sale

10 pack for just $6.95

100 pack for just $49.95

Floppy Disk 50 Packs

For more details or quantities of 500 or more, please give us a call.

Pro Quality Black Floppy Disks
Color:  Black
Quantity:  Box of 50

  DS/HD floppy disks
IBM Format 1.44 MB
Pro Quality Black.  Only  $29.95


     DS/HD 1.44 IBM Formatted
Box of 50 $19.95
(Call for quantity discounts)
     DS/DD 720K IBM Formatted
Box of 50 $24.95
(Call for quantity discounts)

Need a large quantity or special brand?
Give us a call at (800) 397-7890


"Double Density" Floppy Disks


     DS/DD 720K Formatted
Box of 50 $49.95
     DS/DD NOT Formatted
Color Gray
Box of 50 $49.95

High Density vs Low Density

If you can use DS/HD high density disks, you should use them.  DS/HD high density diskettes are less expensive and hold more data.  

Unfortunately, some special machines require more expensive DS/DD low density disks.  

Not sure what you have?  Here's a comparison.  

High density versus Low density
HD vs "Double Density"
DS/HD versus DS/DD
1.44 MB vs 720K

DD vs HD

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